Adobe Creative Types and Their Supporting Packaging Technologies

Who doesn’t love an online quiz that helps you uncover more about who you are and how you function? If you’re a creative at work, you’re going to love this!  

There’s an Adobe quiz that identifies your creative type through a series of unique questions and visually stunning graphics. Each type (The Artist, The Thinker, The Adventurer, The Maker, The Producer, The Dreamer, The Innovator, and The Visionary) has an exclusive profile with creative strengths, untapped potential, and ideal collaborators. 

Creativity spans industries, departments, and functions. Any individual may find the feedback useful, whether you’re a graphic designer for a large retailer, a marketer for a pharmaceutical company, or a packaging engineer for a small private label manufacturer. 

However, the quiz results also present a knowledge gap: How can participants improve their untapped potential? What tools are available to supplement their weaknesses? To answer these questions, we rounded up key packaging technologies for your Adobe creative type. Use the following tools to support your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. 

The Thinker Creative Type 

CAD Design Software for The Maker and The Thinker: 

According to the Adobe quiz, The Makers and The Thinkers are intellectual, focused, and dedicated individuals who specialize in their craft. However, they often struggle finding play in the process and applying their ideas to real life. These types of creatives are highly analytical and precise. While they understand the importance of application and process, they often don’t like it. Makers and Thinkers need tools that help spur their creative packaging ideas AND make the process of turning concepts into reality more enjoyable.  

Packaging CAD design is a perfect solution to the creative packaging professionals’ problem. It focuses on structural design (allowing designs to be parametrically rebuilt with geometric values), product development, virtual prototyping, and manufacturing. This provides the precision these creative types crave, while also bringing their designs to life in 3D (with room to experiment and play.)  

The Artist Creative Type 

3D Design Software for The Artist and The Dreamer 

Empathetic, imaginative, and sensitive, The Artist and The Dreamer creative types both love the abstract. The Artist loves bringing new concepts to life, while The Dreamer uses emotions to generate unique ideas. Adobe believes The Artists hold back their authentic expressions, and The Dreamers struggle to make dreams a reality. In the packaging process, these creative types are not ordinarily interested in physically mocking-up packaging prototypes, so the opportunity to quickly produce unique designs in virtual spaces is appealing. 

Packaging 3D design software is the perfect solution for The Artists and Dreamers. 3D software integrates with current Adobe technologies such as Illustrator, enhancing the brainstorming of new ideas, and quickly turning them into 3D designs. The Artist can get bold in their presentations, utilizing original artwork, special materials, and finishes. The Dreamer can quickly create new packaging ideas such as design cartons, bottles, and trays all online in 3D. Working in their preferred digital space helps them quickly present their unique designs to executives for approval. 

The Producer Creative Type 

Packaging Management Software for The Adventurer, The Innovator, The Visionary and The Producer 

TheAdventurer, TheInnovator, and The Visionary are innovative and full of big ideas. They see possibilities everywhere and are very energetic. However, according to Adobe, these creatives struggle committing time to a particular project, completing daily project tasks, and seeing it to fruition. They like ideas, not details — but that’s not how a packaging concept makes it to the store shelf. 

Artwork management software helps packaging creatives break down big ideas and processes into manageable tasks. For example, every aspect of the artwork or label creation process is queued into the workflow, and users are alerted when tasks are ready for completion, which helps them prioritize what needs to be done, when. Following a step-by-step process and maintaining consistency are the keys to producing brilliant packaging ideas and bringing them to life.  

The Producer, however, doesn’t have a problem with productivity. Producers enjoy collaborating across teams and working with a project from start to finish. Simply put, they are doers. But while they are productive, Adobe warns Producers that their busy-ness should always be more than busywork. Looking beyond a job well done, The Producer needs to ensure that the job is also worth doing. As project managers, they must be able to easily identify broken parts of the process and motivate their teams to drive improvement. 

The Producer thrives with packaging management software. Reporting features show how many packaging projects are currently active and where the bottlenecks are. This allows Producer types to home in on critical chokepoints and apply their leadership skills, efficiently moving projects forward. 

Creatives and Packaging Technology 

Packaging creatives of all types can benefit from packaging workflow management technology. It helps prioritize daily tasks, tracks project status, and enables creatives to spend more on their ideas. It’s not only important to know your strengths and weaknesses as a creative, but it’s even more critical to identify technologies that boost your areas of untapped potential. With packaging software such as structural, CAD, and 3D design, and artwork workflow management, you can continue focusing on your creative strengths, knowing that the appropriate technology is supporting you every step of the way. 

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