Why Consumer Insights in a Virtual Store Setting Maximizes Design Impact

Packaging is mission critical when it comes to catching a consumer’s attention.

In fact, packaging drives purchasing behaviors; 64% of consumers try a new product because the packaging catches their eye, and 41% will continue to purchase a product because they prefer its packaging. And according to Nielsen, a successful package redesign can yield 7x return on investment for a small brand.

Unfortunately, many brands struggle to design and produce packaging that entices a consumer. There are a number of reasons why, but Nielsen observed that a lack of objective consumer feedback was one of the reasons packaging designs fail on the store shelf.

In this e-book, we discuss Consumer Insights and how it can impact both your product marketing strategy and packaging design process through virtual store testing and data collection – helping you design the right packaging, determine the appropriate shelf-placement, and increase product sales.

Download the e-Book to learn:

  • What consumer insights means and how insights can be collected
  • What a virtual store is and why to use one
  • How to collect consumer insights virtually
  • The benefits of virtual consumer insights

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