What’s New in WebCenter 22.07

We’re pleased to share that WebCenter 22.07 is now available! Check out the highlights below to see what’s new or access the documentation here.

User Interface and the User Experience

  • Script Button Actions in Dashboards
    • Enables buttons that can be used to trigger scripts in the dashboard.
  • Packaging Content Management in Dashboards
    • Support for editing text statements directly in dashboards.
    • Auto Translate support in dashboards.
    • UI Configuration and auto-add of languages.
  • Reorder Document Rows in List View
    • Ability to drag and drop document rows to a preferred order.
    • The order of the rows is saved for all users.
  • Edit Document Reference Properties
    • Ability to edit reference properties on documents within the dashboard framework.


  • Cloud Viewer Release (Full)
    • All SaaS Customers are licensed to use the Cloud Viewer in 22.07.
    • Cloud Viewer comes with infinite zoom capabilities and embedded color profile viewing.
    • NOTE: Esko Cloud account and Configuration is required to use the Cloud Viewer.
  • Cloud Viewer “Quality Control” Widget
    • Check the print readiness of your PDF documents with the return on pre-press QA filters in the WebCenter Cloud Viewer.
    • The widget comes with the ability to view/filter object screening, total area coverage, breakout, and Moire detection.
  • Enhanced Viewer Asset Delivery
    • This is an under-the-hood improvement to allow the WebCenter Cloud Viewer to access assets from an S3 Bucket. This enables the viewer to load assets faster.

Content Management

  • Packaging Content Management (PCM)
    • Improved Dashboard JS API.
    • Improved Save (Performance).
    • Flexible Master Language.
  • Structured Content Management (SCM)
    • Compare Content Maps.
    • Granular Tagging (finer control of placement in InDesign).
    • Editor (Fonto) improvements.

 Scalability & Performance

  • Search Crawler “Fast Crawl” Mode
    • Get your system back to production in half the time with a new option to increase the use of system resources in order to complete indexing significantly faster than in standard mode.
  • Render Optimizations for Complex Content Sheet Dashboards
    • Be more productive with faster page load times. Optimizations for content sheets in dashboard have made the rendering of complex content sheets faster.
  • Improved Workflow Performance
    • Offloaded project creation from the workflow engine so that WebCenter runs smoother when the system is under heavy use.
    • Other general performance improvements were also made.

Value For Maintenance

  • Updated Oracle Database Support to Version 19C
    • For customers using Oracle for their Database Technology, Version 19c is now supported
  • WebCenter Web Server Tomcat Update
    • Under-the-hood security updates.

View complete documentation here.

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