What's New in Esko 22.11 Releases

What's New in WebCenter 22.11

User Interface and the User Experience

Update to Latest Version

Old feature, new home. The “Update to the latest version” button available in forms is now available in the new UI framework.


Save time by duplicating another document in a single click. A duplicate button can be configured in a document row to quickly create another document. The file and all attributes are copied during this operation. This is useful for creating multi-SKU specifications or working with content statements in PCM.

WebCenter Cloud

Deep Zoom Mode now Available for all SaaS Customers

The Cloud Viewer with infinite zoom and Quality Control tools is available to all SaaS customers running 22.11+ by selecting “Deep Zoom Mode” on top of the viewer.

Granular access control: Administrators can control Cloud Viewer access for individual roles and/or users.

Config Simplification

Call External API from within the workflow canvas

Integrations just got easier to configure! The JavaScript node in the workflow canvas can now call external API’s! This greatly increases integration capabilities and removes other, more difficult methods for calling integrations.

Restrict Value of attributes via another attribute

Simplify the user experience by limiting the number of dropdown options users see by specifically showing only relevant values. Accomplished by a new configuration allowing values to be filtered/restricted to only those values selected in another attribute (i.e., restrict task options by allowing only selected project values).

This also works on Reference properties.

Bearer token authentication added to external API connections

More authentication options mean more compatibility with your current way of working with and authenticating to other systems.

Scalability & Performance

Improved Page Loading Experience

Better User Experience when loading pages. In the moment when a page is actively loading, users now see a template grid of results before the results are populated. The result is a smoother page load and a better visual feedback of load progress.

Increased Performance on bulk content copy

With some under-the-hood improvements, we’ve increased the performance when making a bulk copy of content documents. In addition, template rows are shown when the documents are actively loading.

Value for Maintenance

Improved List Look-up Feature

List lookup just got more powerful! The list lookup feature from Workflow, rule engine, JavaScript API and Workflow parameter is now able to return results from multiple column lists.

Chili Integration Improvements

WebCenter customers using Chili Cloud version can now integrate with WebCenter. Previously, only on-prem Chili versions were able to integrate.

Improved Options for Approving Documents Outside the Viewer

Additional security options for allowing approval of documents while not in the viewer. Rather than a binary option, the choices now include “All Documents” “Non-viewable Documents only” and “Do not allow”.

What's New in Content 22.11

Packaging Content Management

Enhanced Dashboards make a great User Experience

PCM users can now work completely within a single dashboard, eliminating extra clicks that navigate away and distract from their current focus. Dashboards also support language contexts; the interface is simplified by focusing on only the languages relevant to the project.

PCM Dashboard
Improved performance for large content sheets

Large content sheets now load 4x faster than in the previous version.

Chili Cloud support

WebCenter now supports the Chili Cloud service to automatically populate artwork templates with approved PCM content.

Structured Content Management

Allow copying of artwork tags between maps

The relationship between how content is prepared for submission and placed on the artwork can now be reused across similar maps and templates.

Include changes from the previous version when preparing submissions

Health Authority submissions can now contain track changes, such as markups, to better meet regulatory agency needs.

SCM Track Changes Combo2_OPT
Continuing to improve and simplify the user experience

We’ve made significant updates to improve the Editor and Reviewer experience, including simplifying the interface and extending document history visibility to reviewers.

SCM Search UI
Improved user experience to create and manage Translations

Translators can see the source content for statements while editing a translation. And when the source content changes, translators now see a visual indicator in the translated text, reducing the chance that a mistranslation will make it onto artwork or into regulatory output.

Support for more Microsoft Word output formats

Expanding submission file formats that are supported out of the box.

What's New in ArtiosCAD 22.11

Resizable Design Templates

Create packaging and displays in seconds by choosing templates from the increasingly extensive library. Try out 40 brand new designs, now in the Style Catalog.

  • 15 new ECMA folding carton designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 24 new FEFCO corrugated designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 1 new Rigid Box design added to the Style Catalog
  • More than 460 designs added since version 18

Realistic 3D folding and rendering of complex designs

Convert highly complex folding designs to 3D mock-ups at the click of a button, and watch your packaging virtually assemble itself.

  • Bring your packaging to life with 3D visuals of more complex designs than ever before, including Gusset Trays and Boxes, Four Corner Beers Trays, Infold/Outfold Trays, Gable Top Cartons.
  • Erect and knock down designs with a single-click for easy 3D visualization and quality checks.
  • Easily share a specification report with your customer, complete with a 3D rendering.

Dynamic Subscriptions

Use a new cloud-based licensing model for on-premise applications that simplifies global management and distribution of licenses across all sites.

What's New in Cape Pack 22.11

Resize Primary Products (Cloud Edition)

Evaluate new product sizes to maximize your shipping space by reverse engineering products to be the most efficient size possible.

Integration from Desktop to Cloud (Desktop Edition)

Upload desktop solutions in bulk to the Cloud to make it easy to move your work to the Cloud Edition. You can also input data on the desktop and then upload to Esko Cloud.

One license runs both Editions

A Cape Pack Subscription can be used on the desktop and the Cloud Editions.


What's New in Studio 22.11

Material Presets

Save a material with its parameters as a “Preset” to quickly assign to other non-printable parts with a single click. Build a library of your most used materials to increase productivity and deliver consistent quality.

Enhancements to Materials

Variable roughness and cloudiness for plastic materials and variable roughness for glass and clear plastic. More precision to achieve photorealistic materials, especially useful for rendering brushed glass or plastic, typically used for luxury packaging.

Replace in Studio Toolkit

Use “Replace…” to swap one file for another to update individual files quickly and easily in a composition, without rebuilding the composition.

Dynamic Subscriptions

Use a new cloud-based licensing model for on-premise applications that simplifies global management and distribution of licenses across all sites.

What's New in Store Visualizer 22.11

2 New Environments

Apartment that includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study and exterior deck over two floors. Now possible to visualize and test new promotional concepts in a home environment.

Large Shopping Area including 5 stores: supermarket, pharmacy, toys, electronics, and sporting goods. Also, large exterior with courtyard, parking lot, and tram station to visualize and test both indoor and outdoor promotional concepts.

More interactivity: Move between floors

Now possible to change floors in multi-level environments by interactively walking up and down stairs, escalators, or ladders. Also works in VR, delivering an immersive experience.

What's New in MediaBeacon 22.11

3D Format Support

Support for previewing OBJ and GLB formats including repositioning and export of PNG renditions 

Rendition Publishing (add-on) 

New capability to create a visual workflow which can publish a rendition of an asset to a public S3 bucket. 

Links to published renditions are available via the REST API. 

Aspera On-Cloud Support (add-on) 

Aspera connector support includes Aspera On-Cloud for implementation in AWS. Aspera enables high-speed upload and download when used with a plug-in on the user’s desktop. 

Previewing Updates 

Color saturation when previewing or converting .psd files has been fixed. 

Support for WebP file previewing. 

Adobe Connector exported PDFs no longer appear “washed-out”. 

General Updates 

Tomcat efficiently shuts down and restarts. 

Fixed a potential issue which could create many open jetty connections to the database 

Fixed potential issue where infinite scroll component would stop functioning caused by data synchronization issue between SQL and SOLR 

Improved consistency with Video Original permission to ensure download is restricted in appropriate situations 

Updates implemented addressing potential Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities