Labeling Content and Artwork Management for Pharmaceutical Companies  

Artwork and labeling content management are critical elements of the pharmaceutical industry that ensure patient safety, regulatory compliance, and brand consistency. However, managing these processes is anything but simple. But why isn’t it simple? There are many answers, including: strict regulations, lengthy drug development, and disparate and sometimes conflicting processes.  
There are many catalysts for a labeling or artwork change, such as a safety, indication, storage, shelf-life, and even a corporate branding change. Once the change process begins, regulatory and artwork professionals must juggle what is changing, when it’s needed by, and which countries are impacted. This complex process is time consuming, costly, and error prone.  
However, digital solutions streamline the entire labeling and artwork content process, from content creation to printing. Esko has two decades of experience in developing solutions to simplify artwork and labeling content processes. WebCenter, a workflow solution that provides a central digital source for managing artwork and labeling creation, features preconfigured, customizable, and scalable workflows with automated tasks, version control, search capabilities, and automated artwork update capabilities.  
For you to visualize exactly where those digital solutions can help you manage these processes, we have developed this process map. Streamline your labeling and artwork content management with solutions from Esko – contact us today! 
Download the infographic to learn more! 

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