5 Reasons Brand Owners Should Attend EskoWorld 2023

EskoWorld 2023 will be the 32nd annual event, gathering Esko users from around the globe. More than 500 professionals from both suppliers and brand owners will come together for an exciting and informative series of discussions exploring accomplishments, shared obstacles, and industry trends and best practices.  

EskoWorld 2023, hosted in Orlando, Florida, from May 23-25, at the award-winning Gaylord Palms Resort, is an event you won’t want to miss. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons to attend EskoWorld 2023, whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or just starting your career. 

Consumer Goods Industry Insights 

EskoWorld 2023 provides a platform for attendees to gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends, challenges, and best practices from leading experts and peers. The event features a wide range of sessions, including product strategy, sustainability, and speed-to-market focused keynote speeches and panel discussions. Brand owners will get a comprehensive understanding of the current and future state of the consumer goods industry. 

Networking Opportunities with Esko Customers 

EskoWorld 2023 brings together professionals from all over the world, providing brand owners with an excellent opportunity to network with peers, build new relationships, and learn from each other. Esko is excited for our customers to share their experiences, successes, and learnings. Brand owners will hear from companies including Tyson Foods, Kraft Heinz, Simmons Pet Food, SC Johnson, Danone, and Krusteaz. Our customers will share how they implemented Esko tools to manage their packaging processes as well as join panel discussions. Explore the agenda here

Educational Product Sessions 

Esko product experts will host a range of educational sessions that cover various topics, including product training, software demonstrations, and information regarding the Esko software roadmap. Attendees will learn new skills, explore evolving and emerging technologies, and gain insights into how they can leverage Esko solutions to improve their business operations and performance. 

Collaboration Opportunities 

EskoWorld 2023 brings together professionals from various industries, including packaging, pharma, and consumer goods, creating a platform for attendees to collaborate, share ideas, and explore new opportunities. The event encourages attendees to engage with each other, participate in interactive sessions, and work together to solve common challenges. 

Fun and Excitement 

EskoWorld 2023 is not just about learning and networking; it’s also about having fun. Attendees can enjoy the opportunity to be social with industry peers and the ability to explore the award-winning Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida.  

EskoWorld 2023 provides a unique opportunity for professionals in the packaging, consumer goods, and pharma industries to enhance their knowledge of Esko solutions and influence Esko solution roadmaps. The discussions, workshops, and panels at EskoWorld 2023 will examine the most recent trends, difficulties, and best practices of our customers’ industries. From gaining new insights to networking with peers, attending educational sessions, and collaborating with experts, EskoWorld 2023 is an exceptional opportunity for anyone looking to stay up to date and connect with like-minded professionals.  

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