What's New in Esko 23.03 Releases

What's New in WebCenter 23.03

User Interface and the User Experience

New Progress Bar Visible When Saving Forms

See progress as larger more complicated forms are validated and saved.

The WebCenter Favicon is configurable via the UI.

Changing the icon displayed on a browser tab open to WebCenter is now a supported configuration

Global Styling for Buttons

UI Design Consistency is here! And its super easy. Admins can setup button styles, then apply those styles across the entire UI making your styling consistent throughout every task, project form.

  • NOTE: Buttons require initial configuration to reference the button style. Current custom styles will not be changed.
Global Styling for Menu Layout in the Dashboard Builder

Choose between light/dark

WebCenter Cloud

Blue/Green Deployment Support
  • Reduction in downtime when upgrading a production WebCenter.
  • Customers on AWS SaaS with the High SLA Option are eligible for this service.

Config Simplification

New Feature! Identify and work with Named Configurations
  • Named Configurations accelerate the process of loading configuration from one WebCenter system (test) to another (production).
  • Identify and group all components of a specific configuration.
  • A configuration can include items such as workflows, tasks, saved searches and pages as well as specific projects and documents.
  • View the change history of all components of the configuration in a single place.
  • Generate a report of changes to a configuration.
More Flexible Invite Member Node
  • Inviting members to a project using business logic is more flexible than ever.
  • The workflow will automatically detect if the assignee is a user, role, or group using “Any” Option.
  • It is also possible to assign a group and a specified user in that group in a single node.
Dashboard Builder Improvements

New features for the Dashboard Builder!

  • Ability to add Radio Buttons and Checkboxes for lists, cascades & images.
  • Simplified menu color options (dark/light).
  • Automatic Button Types Settings.
  • Save configuration time! The Dashboard builder will automatically set the proper button type as you drag it into different sections such as a side panel or a form.
  • Ready to use Side Menu Component (1 click add).
  • Tab Layout: automatically adjust the width when adding tabs.

Scalability & Performance

Improved Workflow Node Performance
  • More Performance in this version! We Improved the speed and efficiency for specific workflow nodes, so the workflow engine continues to work smoothly during heavy call volumes.
  • Improved the performance of the Set Project Attribute Node, The set Status Node, Creation Project Node (specifically for setting role assignments), and the project creation node.
Other Performance Improvements

Attribute Loading Performance: We worked under the hood and rebuilt the logic in which attributes are loaded for users. The change makes attribute loading more performant in certain high volume situations.

General Improvements

New File Type Conversion Node

More asset capabilities! WebCenter can now convert asset from one file type to another via workflow nodes. The feature is included in 23.03 WebCenter SaaS installations.

Saved Search Export can now be canceled

Change your mind about exporting a large, saved search result? No problem! Just hit cancel, no hard feelings.

New Progress Bar Visible When Saving Forms

See progress as larger more complicated forms are validated and saved.

What's New in Content 23.03

Content Management for Packaging (formerly Packaging Content Management)

Global Content Permissions

Permissions for viewing, authoring, or approving text statements can now be driven globally and dynamically, simplifying your configuration and improving performance.

Content Global Permissions
Export Content Sheets to Excel

Content sheets can be exported to Excel for easy transfer to your external stakeholders.

Content Management for Life Sciences (formerly Structured Content Management)

Previewing Structured Content

A short preview of a Structured Content is now available in WebCenter, so you no longer need to open the Editor to identify them. You can also search for specific words and see their context, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for.

Transfer Output Styles automatically to InDesign Leaflets

Structured Content can have specific styling for submission documents but now these same styles can also define the look for leaflets or other InDesign artwork. This reduces errors and promotes consistency across all your output documents.

Toggle Whitespace in the Editor

It can be hard to see where necessary whitespace characters are in the Editor. Now you can turn on and off whitespace characters, for example, non-breaking spaces, to make it easy to find and edit content.

What's New in ArtiosCAD 23.03

More Resizable Design Templates

Create packaging and displays in seconds by choosing templates from the increasingly extensive library. Try out 41 brand new designs, now in the Style Catalog.

  • 4 new ECMA folding carton designs
  • 36 new FEFCO corrugated designs
  • 1 new Rigid Box design
  • More than 500 designs added since version 18

Design in 3D, automatically update 2D

When folding designs in 3D that require mates, the 2D dieline is automatically updated with mate areas, increasing productivity and decreasing errors.

Animations for Mated Designs

Create animated movies or 3D PDF files to clearly communicate how a design moves from a knocked down flat to erected state.

What's New in Cape Pack 23.03

Case Filling for Trapezoidal Products

Optimize space utilization by enabling inverted trapezoid primary products when creating and filling cases or resizing a primary product.

User Experience Improvements

Faster data entry by automatically setting the material thickness using the new board description drop list in all thickness fields.

Managing users has never been easier with the new “Created by” information on the Users page in “My Network”.

Reviewers Simplified

Now anyone can act as a reviewer for solutions in your Cape cloud account – no subscription needed!

What's New in Studio 23.03

Sample Material Presets

We’ve included several Material Preset examples to show how Studio’s basic material types can be tuned to simulate a wide variety of materials. Use or modify these to render hyper-realistic images for presentations and ecommerce.

More Material Types

Two new basic material types have been added to simulate even more real-world materials:

  • Cloudy Liquid: to simulate milk, orange juice, ketchup, mustard or coffee
  • Materials from a Texture: import an image to simulate natural materials like wood or molded fiber

Enhanced Image Export

When rendering a ray-traced image, you can now include realistic shadows with a transparent background to produce impactful images for presentations and ecommerce.

New and Improved Shapes Store

Studio’s Shapes Store has been moved to Esko Cloud and has a new look!

  • Access the new Shapes Store in the same way as always
  • Much faster access and downloads
  • Now free for everyone using Studio: no Maintenance Contract required for perpetual license users

What's New in Store Visualizer 23.03

Export a Store for Easy Sharing

Export a virtual store or shelf set as a self-contained HTML file for easy viewing by others. This IT-friendly file can be viewed in a standard web browser – no special software required!

Import GLB files as 3D models

The GLB file format joins the wide variety of 3D file formats that can be imported into Store Visualizer for use in virtual environments.

What's New in MediaBeacon 23.03

Bulk Version Assets on Upload

Bulk versioning allows users to version multiple assets at one go

Improved Handling of Dynamic Dates

Enhances support for writing Dynamic Dates ($today) based on configurations

Allow Setting Default Search

Allows the General Users to save the search as Default on ACL level

The workspace loads with the saved search on Login

Value For Maintenance

Allows for the Downloading of s3-synced and non-s3-synced assets together

General Updates

The following issues have been addressed and fixed to improve your experience:

  • Truncated uploads failing if copy through RemoteFileTransferServlet takes more than 30 seconds
  • The prevented deletion of folder in Directory Search component if there’s a Places Browser component using ‘button’ display mode
  • mb.overwrite.on.conflict’ not obeyed with current MediaBeacon
  • Prevented conversion type via ‘script options’
  • Bulk edit ‘Append’ action
  • Javascript on download not working from cart
  • Downloading large files via External link